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When was Linktone Established?
We commenced operations as a business division of Intrinsic China Technology Ltd., which was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in November 1999. Intrinsic China Technology focused primarily on developing wireless data software and VAS (Value Added Services). In April 2001, our affiliated business division which focused on wireless data software was spun off to form a newly established holding company in the Cayman Islands, Intrinsic Technology (Holdings) Ltd., and our company was renamed Linktone Ltd.
In April 2008, PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (“MNC”), through its subsidiary, MNC International Limited, or MIL, completed a strategic investment in us and acquired approximately 57.1% of our total outstanding ordinary shares. Subsequently, through the acquisition of an additional 500,000 ADSs (American Depository Shares) from a third party via a privately negotiated transaction, MNC increased its stake to approximately 58.2% of our total outstanding ordinary shares.
In June 2012, MIL sold its entire shareholding of 245,000,000 ordinary shares of our Company, comprising approximately 59.9% of our total outstanding shares at the time of such sale, to Global Mediacom International Ltd, or GMI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PT Global Mediacom Tbk (“GMC”).
Between 2011 and 2013, we repurchased approximately 17 million ordinary shares through our Share Repurchase Program from the open market. This repurchase exercise increased GMC’s shareholding to 60.6% as of 31 December 2013.
Global Mediacom is the largest and the only integrated media, broadcasting, entertainment and telecommunication group in Indonesia with operations that encompass content production, content distribution, television and radio broadcasting, newspaper, magazine, tabloids, telecommunication operator, mobile content aggregator, value added services provider, and IT system integrator.
Following this strategic investment, a majority of our board of directors has been comprises of MNC’s / GMC’s nominees. As a result, our business strategies and developments are subject to substantial influence of MNC / GMC.
When was Linktone's Initial Public Offering?
In March 2004, we completed the initial public offering of our ADSs, representing our ordinary shares, and listed those securities on the Nasdaq National Market (now the Nasdaq Global Market).
In August 2013, we completed the listing of our Chess Depositary Interests (CDIs) on the Australian Stock Exchange.
Where is Linktone's Corporate Headquarters?
In July 2012, Linktone’s Board of Directors approved the relocation of the Company’s principal executive offices from Shanghai, China to The Republic of Singapore. Linktone’s new principal executive offices are now located at 39 MacTaggart Road, Singapore, 368084.
What does Linktone do?
Linktone Ltd. is a provider of rich and engaging services and content to a wide range of traditional and new media consumers and enterprises in Mainland China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Linktone focuses on media, entertainment, communication and edutainment products, which are promoted through the company’s strong nationwide distribution networks, integrated service platforms and multiple marketing sales channels, as well as through the networks of leading mobile operators in Mainland China and Indonesia.
How many people are employed by Linktone?
Linktone had approximately 790 employees as of the fiscal year end 2013.
Where is Linktone traded?
Linktone’s Chess Depositary Interests (CDIs) trade on Australian Stock Exchange under the symbol LTL since August 2013.
Linktone's American Depository Shares (ADSs) was traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange under the symbol LTON until 31 December 2013. Subsequent to its delisting from NASDAQ on 2 January 2014, and deregistration under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 on 15 January 2014, Linktone’s ADSs are quoted on the OTC Market Group’s OTC Pink.
How many shares are outstanding?
Linktone had 40 million ADSs/ CDIs or 404 million ordinary shares as of February 2014.
When is Linktone's Fiscal Year End?
Linktone's fiscal year ends on December 31.
Where can I find out information about Linktone's quarterly performance?
Our financial reports can be found in the Financial Reports section of our investor relations website.
Does the Company pay dividend?
The Company does not currently pay a cash dividend.